We Need A Copy Editor

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
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One day, about 20 months ago, I was browsing the Alibi blog and I saw and job posting for a staff writer. I thought, “Oh, they’ll probably have heaps of applicants, but I guess I’ll try anyway. No harm in that.” Actually, I didn’t think anything that grammatically correct. It was probably more like, “This coffee is terrible—staff writer?—ow, my finger—when’s my shift over?—I hate it when she makes that noise” … etc.

Speaking of grammar, we need a
part-time copy editor. We’re pretty good, but who has the time with all this ass kicking to do? It’d be great if our copy editor knew AP style, basic punctuation rules and enjoyed discussing the finer points of subject-verb agreement. And though some of you think I’m kidding, trust me, this person and others like him/her exist. They’re usually quite fun to party with—if you can hang.

You would have to work in the
Alibi office on Fridays and long Mondays. This is not a position that’s likely to turn into a writing gig. We really just need a copy editor.

So, I am now closing the great circle of life, (cue that
Lion King song) by posting about an open position on our blog. Send inquiries to christie@alibi.com. Make sure you put “copy editor” in your subject line in case our voracious spam trap eats your e-mail.

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