We Want Your Bloody Valentine: Deadline Extended!

Alibi's 11Th Annual Valentine's Day Card Contest Is On

Lisa Barrow
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We Want Your Bloody Valentine: Deadline Extended!
“Alibi: Let’s Break Each Other’s Hearts” by Damien DeMenno, 2011’s first place winner
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Love may be multidimensional, but art is about distilling vast and unwieldy concepts down to their essence. At least, that’s a definition for art I just now made up because it fits the point I’m trying to make: that Alibi’s 11th Annual Valentine’s Day Card Contest has gone all digital.

This year, we entreat you to squeeze your affectionate sentiments, your romantic compulsions and your fancy flirts down to two dimensions.
We’re looking for Valentine’s Day cards on the theme of Famous Lovers—think King Kong to Fay Wray or Mia Farrow to Woody Allen. Make something all-digital or take a great photo of a physical object. Past winners have delighted us with a whole range of styles, from the sweetly cynical to the smartly sappy, so we’re game for anything that shoots a Cupid’s arrow straight to our sardonic little hearts.


• Send your digital entries as image files (JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc.) to
vcard@alibi.com by 4pm on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

• Alternately, you may upload your entry to the
Flickr Group Pool.

• One entry per person.

• Each submission MUST be accompanied by your full name, contact info (email and phone), and the title for your Valentine’s masterpiece.
We Want Your Bloody Valentine: Deadline Extended!

“Regulate My Second Amendment!” by Virginia Chavez, 2013’s first place winner

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