Webgame Wednesday

Devin D. O'Leary
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Webgame Wednesday
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Remember those old “Busy Driver” dashboards you had when you were a baby? You could turn the key, honk the horn, basically keep yourself occupied poking at a bunch of plastic gewgaws while your mother watched “General Hospital.” Well, Windosill is kinda like that. It’s halfway between a toy and a game.

You control a little wooden car. The only purpose of the game is to keep moving through the various windowsills. For that, you’ll need to locate a small wooden block in each oddball tableaux. Poke, prod, pull, move, shake, do whatever you need to to find it. The physics and the art design are absolutely amazing. The first half of the game is free, and offers plenty of playtime. You’ll need to pay to download additional levels; but at a mere $3, it’s quite the bargain.
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