Webgame Wednesday

Amy Dalness
1 min read
Only two more minutes to live!
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The video game issue’s got me pumped about all things gaming. Every spare moment I’ve had this past week has been spent playing some type of video game. It’s been an awesome week.

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)—Film editor Devin O’Leary tipped me off to this dark-humor web gem. You are a suit-wearing, cubical-crammed employee of a nameless, soulless business and if you get one more meeting request, you’re going to kill yourself. Well, you got that request, so now you have five minutes to do yourself in before the meeting. This game is not for the squeamish—all others please proceed with a twisted sense of humor.

Uniroyal Fun Cup—Now for something totally different … Drive a VW Beetle around a track really fast without going off road. A simple racing game with surprisingly good interface and graphics (for a low-tech webgame).
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