Webgame Wednesday

Steven Nery
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Webgame Wednesday
Robots FTW!
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All this game-testing is hard work. After last week’s episode, we thought we’d lost Amy’s hand forever. We were able to recover her left pinky, and the swelling isn’t so bad anymore. But that thumb, that little thumb…

Here are your games, slackers. Be careful!

Typing Ninja Hunter—This puts Mario Teaches Typing to shame. See how fast your deadly fingers can type as you make evil ninjas eat sword. Unlock special combos, upgradeable defenses and encounter enemies with more diction than your fingers can handle. Maybe the only thing this game needs is a little prompt when you lose hard: SEPUKU BY KEYBOARD.

Robot Run—Insert famous and annoying Forest Gump line here. Avoid the scrap yard as you spacebar-jump over all kinds of speeding obstacles on some kind of conveyor belt from hell. Anime robots FTW!
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