Webgame Wednesday

Amy Dalness
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Webgame Wednesday
Pandemic 2
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Let the survival games begin!

Pandemic 2—In this game of mass extinction, you aren’t so much trying to survive as pitting the human race against your super disease and watching it try to survive. Pick one of three diseases to start—virus, bacteria or parasite—and add on perks, symptoms and lethality in an attempt to destroy the world as we know it. This game gets off to a slow start, but it’s morbidly entertaining in the end.

Dino Run—Yeah, we’ve seen this one before on another Webgame Wednesday, but it’s the perfect survival game. Help the little dino get away from the asteroid about to annihilate him and his buddies.

Shift 2—If you played Portal, you might recognize the story line in this physics-bending casual game. Survive a death plot by "shifting" from light to dark while avoiding spikes, retrieving keys and going for cake … I mean a trophy.
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