Webgame Wednesday

Amy Dalness
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Webgame Wednesday
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Let the election-fueled games begin.

Campaign—If the elections have got you down (or frustrated or confused or disenfranchised), here’s a little game to help let off steam. Pick the candidate you’d like to play, hire some staff members—spinmeisters, hatchet men, fundraisers, etc.—and get campaignin’. The objective is to lower your opponent’s hit points to zero with various attacks. The more regions you control, the more money you get, and the more devastating attacks you can hurl.

Maverick—If you’re as sick of the word "maverick" as I am, seeing it again may give you the urge to—I don’t know—shoot something? This little game does just that. You control a bullet-crazy, green cowboy in a low gravity vacuum where the equal but opposite reaction from the barrel of this gun propels him across the screen, out of danger and down 15 levels to win. Now if being elected president were only that easy …
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