Webgame Wednesday

Amy Dalness
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Webgame Wednesday
These Balls Are Made For Hiding
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Let the ballsy games begin.

These Balls Are Made For Hiding—This webgame is like asteroids for the blind. Aim the mouse to fire a red laser beam at … nothing. If your lucky, you’ll hit one of many life-threatening orbs camouflaged in the black sky. Maybe you’ll even hit a few. The goal is to clear the playing field of all the mystery spheres before they reach the bottom. The good news is you have control over how fast they travel (they only move down when you click the playing field to clear the balls you’ve hit), the bad news is you don’t know how close they are until you’ve hit them. It may take a few failures to figure out.

Bounceroid 2000—Help the falling balls get to their color-coordinated home. Simple, bouncy fun.
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