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The Minutemen Arcade Game

Devin D. O'Leary
1 min read
Webgame Wednesday
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Are you excited about the new "Watchmen" movie? I sure as hell am. The Minutemen Arcade Game is an entertaining bit of advertising that has further fueled my lust for this film. This is a faux arcade game based on the "real" adventures of the Minutemen (the main group of superheroes featured in "Watchmen"). You only get to play one of two characters, and it doesn’t last all that long, but it’s a great piece of nostalgia. It claims to be an 8-bit game from 1977. Anyone who knows their arcade history, however, would peg this as a 16-bit cabinet from the 80s. Anyone who remembers Double Dragon or Streets of Rage will feel right at home with this primitive, side-scrolling brawler.
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