Webgame Wednesday: Burrito Bison

Devin D. O'Leary
1 min read
Burrito Bison screenshot
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I’ve spoken many times before about the confusing logic of many video game plotlines. They don’t come much weirder than Burrito Bison, but when it results in a game this ridiculous fun, who cares? You’re famous masked wrestler Burrito Bison. You’ve been kidnapped by the evil gummi bear people and spirited off to the Candy Kingdom where you’re forced to compete in the arena. You’re having none of that, so your plan is to launch yourself out of the ring, slingshot-style, squashing as many gummi bears as possible along the way and hopefully bouncing your way back home. Steal enough money from the gummi bears you squash and you can upgrade with rockets, hang-gliders and jet-powered body slams–all of which will assist your flight time. It took me just under an hour to bust out of the arena and sail all the way back home. See if you can do better, bub.
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