Webgame Wednesday: Messy Shapes

Devin D. O'Leary
1 min read
Webgame Wednesday: Messy Shapes
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Combine Tetris with a bit of Bejeweled and you get the frantic, puzzle-gaming fun of Messy Shapes. It’s simple: Assorted shapes with goofy faces drop from the top of the board. You’ve got to click on piles of at least three same-colored shapes. Click correctly, and they’ll vanish. Click on collections of less than three, and they’ll freeze in place. Don’t let the board fill up, or you’re in trouble. Occasionally, bombs will drop, which you can use to clear out whole chunks of the board. But don’t get too used to them. Things get a lot harder as you go along, with smaller and more complicated shapes dropping like rain. Also, the funk/soul soundtrack is awesome at first, but will get very repetitive after about 15 minutes. You might have to turn the sound down. Small price to pay.
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