Webgame Wednesday: Scratches The Window Labor Game

Devin D. O'Leary
1 min read
Webgame Wednesday: Scratches the Window Labor Game
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Hope your Labor Day was a good one. I trust you spent it in the traditional manner–slacking off as much as possible and occasionally thinking about people who are working hard. In belated celebration, I’ve decided to put you to work on Webgame Wednesday. The most "labor"-intensive game I know is Scratches the Window Labor Game. I can’t describe it nearly as well as the original Japanese creators, so I’ll leave it up to them: "Scratches the window labor the work is extremely laborious, not only wants the work high above the ground, but also must guard against in the window the person to open the window as necessary to strike flies oneself. In order to live, supports the whole family, has to do the such dangerous work! Helps this pitiful person to scratch the window! Only has all windows wipes brightly, can obtain day-long wages, second days, also is the new challenge!" … Well, what are you waiting for? Helps this pitiful person!
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