Webgame Wednesday: Solipskier

Devin D. O'Leary
1 min read
Webgame Wednesday: Solipskier
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It’s the middle of ski season, and I’m assuming it’s a good one what with all the wintry weather we’ve been getting. Me, I’d rather not leave the house to confirm it, though. If I ever feel the need to engage in any snow-based sports, I can always play a game of Solipskier. It’s a zippy action game in which you are required to draw the terrain underneath your rainbow-spewing skier by dragging the mouse. Make moguls, hills, valleys. Build up some speed, but don’t let the little dude fall. Pass through the gates for bonus points, and ease up on the mouse button when your avatar is airborne. He’ll do tricks and jack up your score. Just don’t forget to provide him with a soft place to land. Get in the groove and this one’s like painting. With a shredding guitar background.
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