Webgame Wednesday: Special Edition

The Top 10 Of 2007

Amy Dalness
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Webgame Wednesday: Special Edition
Poco Parco
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It’s that time of year again—you know, the beginning . What better way to start a new year then by reminiscing on the best webgames from 2007? No better way, for sure. I give you my top 10 webgames featured here at alibi.com on some Wednesday in 2007. Let the games begin!

10 ) Dotville—You are a dot, a dot with a dream. A dream to be emperor of Dotville and crush your square enemies. You do this by leveling up your city through strategic use of taxes, food rations, fortress building and economy management. Getting to the upper levels takes a little while, but who’s to say you can’t just keep the game minimized while you work and play a few rounds every 10 minutes or so?

9 ) Chain Factor—Drop the disks in the column of your choice to make columns or rows matching the number on the disk. When the number of disks in the column equals the number on a disk in the line, that disk will disappear.

8 ) Poco Parco—I love recipe games ( Grow being my all time favorite webgame). Poco Parco is another in the genre. This game takes very little brain power, but does work a little like an odd version of Memory. Add cute little shapes, watch cute little things evolve, do it all again. Cute!

7 ) Yard Invaders—Protect your lawn from sad-faced alien ships by chucking apples at them. Great black-and-white line graphics, sleek music and a little duck sidekick—another web gem.

6 ) ClickRed—Work on your lightening-fast reflexes by clicking only on red. Much more difficult then it sounds …

5 ) Bloons Tower Defense 2—Buy items (like monkeys with darts) to keep the balloons from exiting the maze. Mindless, addictive fun. [Bonus game! Bloonshttp://bloons.fizzlebot.com/—Make the monkey pop the balloons! Weee!]

4 ) Domino Pressure—Push over the Dominoes to get the maximum tomato splat action!

3 ) Cyrkam Airtös—Don’t waste paper playing trash-can basketball, do it in the virtual world. This game has beautiful graphics, amazing physics and addictive potential. Good stuff.

2 ) Levers—This game has no discernible point other than entertainment. Bbalance the levers with the random objects as they fall from the heavens.

1 ) Desktop Tower Defense—Despite the fact I don’t really get what is going on or why I’m doing what I’m doing, this is a terrific game. I’m going to play it right now … for hours … or until my boss notices.

Honorable Mention (’cause so many of you loved this one): Monkey Kick Off—Make the monkey kick the ball to see how far it will fly! There’s not much challenge in this game, just trial and error and a taunting voice in the back of your head saying, "Just one more time …"
Webgame Wednesday: Special Edition

Cyrkam Airtös

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