Webgame Wednesday: Tremerz

Devin D. O'Leary
1 min read
Webgame Wednesday: Tremerz
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So, apparently April 1st, in addition to being April Fool’s Day, is also Kevin Bacon Day. It’s not a government holiday or anything, but you can get a lot of hits with it on Google. One of the "founders" of Kevin Bacon Day actually made a Kevin Bacon videogame in honor of the holiday. It’s called Tremerz, and it pays homage to the classic 1990 monster movie Tremors starring Mr. Bacon. The game was programmed in just 24 hours, so don’t expect hours of awesome gameplay. It looks great, though, and you get to play as a tiny, pixelated Kevin Bacon—which puts you one degree closer to K.B. himself.
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