Weird Foods Bbq

Marisa Demarco
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Weird Foods BBQ
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I hosted a weird foods barbecue—for some definition of weird—this weekend, because I’m sick of hot dogs and hamburgers. Neither of those food items showed up at the party. Everyone had a different interpretation of “weird,” thankfully, none of them gross. Though these may be things your pals toss on the grill every weekend, for me they were totally new. Here’s a few of the greatest hits:

I highly recommend my cousin’s
bacon-wrapped scallops . They were as easy as buying a bunch of scallops from the grocery store, wrapping them with bacon, securing the bacon with toothpicks and tossing them on the grill. I found recipes for this online, but all call for something much more complicated. Really, that’s all it takes.

Laura Marrich, food editor, and music writer Lash Bower brought
frozen fish sticks on a lark. The fishy nuggets grilled up beautifully, and not a breaded speck was left on the plate shortly thereafter.

Buffalo sausages are delicious but very dense.

I made some
pork burgers that turned out juicy and light. The pork adds a different taste, but it’s not unfamiliar, so most people were down. I tried to make this sate sauce, but though I followed the recipe exactly, I wound up with a pan full of oil and burnt peanuts that never turned into paste.

We also made some
wasabi potato salad with mint and apples that is far better than any potato salad I’ve ever eaten. I recommend quadrupling the amount of wasabi the recipe calls for.

Three friends brought variations on
grilled fruit . Pineapple slices wrapped in bacon, mango kabobs with prosciutto and simple cantaloupe slices were the bells of the ball after hitting the grill. A little char, a little caramelizing … forget it.

What’s a barbecue without experimental, highly alcoholic homebrew? (Read all about homebrew in this week’s
feature). Another friend brought pomegranate, watermelon, strawberry lemonade.

I hear you can grill
pizzas. That’s what I’m going to try next.

p.s. Please enjoy this
USB-powered grill.
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