What If I Get Something On My Nose?

Ask Bugzilla #1

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What if I get something on my nose?
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When people first meet me, their first impression is always, “That Bugzilla, she’s so smart!” To better serve my public, therefore, I have decided to start an advice column. Welcome to installment #1.

Dear Bugzilla,

I am vexed by a personal problem, and desperately need your help. What if I get something on my nose?

— Calamity, Bosque Farms NM

Dear Calamity,

Put the tip of your tongue at the top of your nose, and lick downward. Most unsightly debris and nasal obstructions can be removed with a single lick, though if necessary, multiple licks are possible. Unlike using tissue, this also has the side-benefit of remoisturizing.

Good luck,

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