What Kind Of Art Is Worth $2 Million?

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
One of his indoor works.
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I’ve been trying to ween myself off celebrity gossip. Unfortunately, I really miss the humor of some of those writers. I need to find a funny replacement.

Anyway, as I was trying to find a national news story this morning, I couldn’t help but click on a link about Angelina Jolie spending $2 million on a piece of art. Then I looked up the artist, so I could laugh to myself about how dumb Jolie is for spending so much money on ugly art.

Unfortunately for me and the snicker that died on my lips, the artist Banksy is pretty sweet. A lot of his work he does in spray on the streets of London, and that makes him even cooler.

Maybe it’s not worth $2 million, but you and I can oggle his goods for free on that website. Good for us. Screw you, Jolie!

Nah. There’s just no oomph in that now.
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