What Men Want For Christmas In 2011

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What men want for Christmas in 2011
Oh! You got me a ... troll doll. That’s great.
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I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to shopping for men, I get more stressed than Rick Perry trying to remember … anything. Stores usually focus more on women. The last thing you want to do is give a guy a gift he has to pretend to like. I’ve been a victim of horrible gifts, and my surprise face absolutely sucks. Yes, I know, Christmas isn’t all about gifts, but it’s the best part, aside from the tamales.

I asked my "man" friends what kind of gifts they were asking Santa for this year and this is what I got:

"Cologne to smell good, a legit watch, clothes like a pea-coat, leather jacket, scarf…etc., stuff to keep warm in this cold weather"

—Luis, 25, student

"Playboy, video games, and a new Nixon watch"

—Michael, 22, self-employed

"A dirt-bike, motocross gloves, motocross helmet and gear and a new chain and sprocket setup"

—James, 24, fire protection

"Cologne, clothes, gift cards to stores I’d like"

—Derek, 24, student and restaurant server

"Remote control toys"

—Adrian, 24, owner of RC Toys

"Cologne, a nice shirt or scarf, or something that has to do with my favorite band or favorite team. It shows you care and listen."

—James, 24, IT professional

"Cologne, ties, wallet, hair products, dress shirts, car stuff"

—Joseph, 24, lab tech

"A new lift for my truck or a tattoo"

—Aaron, 25, accountant

"If I played video games, I would want the new COD4 [Call of Duty 4] and if I read books, I’d want a Kindle, but I don’t do neither so some work clothes would be nice"

—Nick, 25, student

"A car, but that won’t happen, so shoes, jackets or kitchenware. Something I need."

—Adan, 24, grad student

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What men want for Christmas in 2011

Perfect! Giant safety pin!

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