What’s My Name, Bitch?

Maren Tarro
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WhatÕs My Name, Bitch?
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There are so many things to complain about when it comes to Sarah Palin. From her position on sex education to her vanilla sense of style, this broad—who seems to be in the dark even more than the rest of Alaska—has given us endless opportunities to yell and scream and occasionally hysterically laugh.

I’ve refrained from Photoshopping her head onto bikini-clad bods and even from referring to her as some sort of older woman that might still have a place in sexual fantasies. But even I have to join in the fun, sometimes.

Like this
“Sarah Palin name generator.” Type your name in and see what Palin would have named you if you were unfortunate enough to be one of her offspring. Mine is Buster Taint Palin. And I think I like it.
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