What’s The Best Beer Ever Made That I Can Afford?

Edith P. Giblets
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WhatÕs the Best Beer Ever Made That I Can Afford?
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Sorting through my bags of fan mail, one thing’s become clear: You’re all very invested in how my move to the Heights is going. Swimmingly, thank you public. Lots of painting, and then wrapping up packing, then painting.

Which means beer.

Husband was kind enough to grab a 12-pack of black label Session beer, which is made by
Full Sail. It is so-so tasting and almost always on sale. Now, since I didn’t buy it, it’s free, which makes it awesome. But, I’m bored of it. I want more hoppy deliciousness. Or lager-y. Or malty. Whatever. What is the best beer ever made? $18-a-pint ales made from the tears of Russian orphans, while always a favorite, do not count. Under $10 a six-pack, Internet contributors.
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