What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Kyle Silfer
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Self-portrait of a blogger. (M.G. Bralley)
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I never thought I’d be recommending a blog by a Republican ex-cop. but here I am doing it. M.G. Bralley’s What’s Wrong With This Picture? features critical commentary, thoughtful observations and personal photojournalism to produce an Albuquerque-focused blog of unusually high quality. Some highlights …

Bralley on the new STOP (Safe Traffic Operations Program) automated photo-ticketing ordinance:

Using the always-on passive radar or the unblinking eye of cameras constitutes a governmental intrusion of the populace. It is guilt until proven innocent, not the required presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

This is technology for technology’s sake.

On John Dendahl’s sudden ascension to Republican gubernatorial candidate:

… I voted and now a faction of my party met in a backroom and took my vote away. The only one I had.

Now, I’m not saying that the party can’t replace a man who is unwilling to run or that Dendhal was not the person who would have ultimately been chosen to pick up the mantle. However, when only 100 of the 350-member central committee meet, that is not my party. My party normally advocates strict compliance with rules and laws. Those who were called to the meeting were the bullies in my party.

On city councilor Sally Mayer:

It is my opinion that in the 32-year history of the Albuquerque city council she is the second worst councilor to serve.

On the padlocking of the El Vado motel:

At one point this motel along with many others created a trail of lights, like a string of pearls, across the city following the path of US Route 66.

In the 1970’s the then city commission enacted a very restrictive sign ordinance. It prohibited movement of or motion within a sign.

Unknowingly, the commission changed Albuquerque’s own cultural outlook in this single act. Vibrancy within the town died.

Bralley’s civil-libertarian brand of conservatism is an unusually reasonable response to these divisive times. The Blogspot-driven site is heavy on the load times and sluggish to scroll through, but well worth a visit. I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed and I recommend you do the same.
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