When Plastic Attacks

Christie Chisholm
1 min read
Objects are more attractive when they’re surrounded by bright colors. Even recycle bins ... apparently.
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My kitchen counter is being swallowed by plastic. Maybe it’s liberal guilt. Or laziness. Or just the ridiculous amount of bottled water I drink. But it’s being devoured, all the same. The time has come for a trip to the recycling center.

Good thing today is America Recycles Day.

To honor the sustainability-minded holiday (can I call it a holiday?), the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) jumpstarted a program that allows residents and state employees to drop off rechargeable batteries and used cell phones at state field offices for recycling. The Albuquerque field office is located at
5500 San Antonio NE (on San Antonio east of I-25).

Remember that Albuquerqueans can also leave their recyclables at the curb on trash pickup days, and trucks will come along and haul them to the recycling plant. We would do well to take advantage of this, as New Mexico only recycles 3 percent of its trash, as opposed to the national average of 32 percent, according to NMED.

For more information on recycling, check out this article from this year’s Survival Guide.
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