Who Will Be His No. 2?

Simon McCormack
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Who Will Be His No. 2?
Will Obama choose Clinton?
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With Sen. Barack Obama finally securing the Democratic presidential nomination, the question is who will be his right-hand man or woman? Sen. Hillary Clinton has expressed interest in the vice-presidency, and she’s been able to capture the votes of blue-collar whites and Hispanics (something Obama hasn’t done well).

But Clinton is a polarizing figure, and Obama has criticized many of her positions and policy decisions during the campaign. Also, Obama’s status as the "change" candidate could be threatened if his running mate is considered by voters to be a part of the establishment. She’s the wife of a former president, voted for the Iraq War and adopts a hardline stance on diplomacy.

But who else is there? Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards was part of a losing ticket in 2004, and he’s shown little ability to draw votes, even from Southern states. Sen. Joe Biden or Gov. Bill Richardson? Neither one seemed to electrify the populous when they were running for president. Obama has his work cut out for him as he hurries to unite the party before November.
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