Who’s Looking After Your Vote?

Doj Poll Monitors Dispatched To Three N.m. Counties

Margaret Wright
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WhoÕs Looking After Your Vote?
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On my way to work this morning after voting (shout out to the nice poll workers at Willianna Carroll Elementary!), I tuned in to radio host Bob Clark’s morning call-in show on KKOB 770 AM. There was some discussion (including with a freaked out caller) about the United Nations sending monitors to the U.S. to supervise the elections process. (Some jurisdictions are themselves freaked out about the prospect enough that they’ve threatened to arrest international monitors.)

Clark mentioned that there don’t appear to be international monitors here in New Mexico, but there are supervisors from the U.S. Department of Justice keeping at eye on some counties here in the state. Turns out that
DOJ observers and personnel will be working in three counties (Bernaillo, Cibola and Sandoval) today to make sure everything’s been done in compliance with federal elections law.

There’s been some serious sound and fury over the integrity of the elections process this year. Advocacy organizations like
controversial True the Vote have dispatched their own vote monitors. We did a run-down in our election guide of some of the other issues that have cropped up about voting access and the factions fighting to either limit or expand access to the ballot box. Especially if the final count is close, the indignation and accusations over voting irregularities may be far from over after polls close tonight.
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