“Why We Apologize To No One.”

Because We’re The Fucking Us Of A, Motherfucker!

Jerry Cornelius
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ÒWhy we apologize to no one.Ó
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If you’re like me, you have a dyed-in-the-wool, ex-military-contractor, right-wing Republican uncle who re-forwards various pieces of not-so-carefully-vetted propaganda designed to make other dyed-in-the-wool, ex-military-contractor, right-wing Republican uncles feel happy about hating on those knee-jerk liberal pussies running the country these days.

If you’re like me, you mostly ignore these missives (after, that is, the first 20 or so times you send your uncle links to Snopes that gently point out the errors and fabrications in most of these feel-good forwards). But today is a special day, a day when
using the war dead from WWII as a tool to condemn the controversial Obama apology for the Bush administration’s sad excuse for foreign policy is especially shallow and opportunistic.

“We apologize to no one,” it seems, because the US was a major participant in World War II operations in the European Theatre, and therefore every foreign policy choice from that point forward by any President no matter how hastily-thought-out or clearly bone-headed is therefore un-fucking-assailable. Must be nice to have that free pass handy. I am pretty sure those boys didn’t lay down their lives for George W. Bush. I am pretty sure they did it because they didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. The
stupendous body count of World War II is a tragic low point in human history. It doesn’t deserve to be used as a partisan cudgel. You flag-waving dorks forwarding this shit around need to knock it off. It’s cheap and it’s un-patriotic. There, I said it. Happy Memorial Day.
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