Wilson And Guns

Steven Robert Allen
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Steve and Gwyneth,

First, let me commend you on a very well written article concerning Heather's more obvious failings. To call Heather a Republican Party lap-dog would be a compliment. However (you knew there was gonna be a ’however,' right?) you do no service to the cause of gun control by stating “giving terrorists and criminals easy access to automatic assault weapons”. Automatic weapons, more commonly refered to as machine guns, have been illegal for private, civilian ownership in the US since 1937. You were eluding to SEMI-automatic weapons, correct? Do you know the difference? You should if your going to be in the debate. An automatic, or select-fire, weapon will fire continuously, at it’s designed cyclic rate, as long as the trigger is depressed and there is ammunition in the magazine or belt. A semi-automatic weapon (rifle, shotgun, pistol, whatever) will fire once for each depression of the trigger, again, as long as ammunition is available. One is a machine gun. The other is not. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of firearms knows you didn't do much study.

Dave Reynolds

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