Woes Of The Smoking Ban

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
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I’ve got a friend in town and have been going out a lot lately—every night almost. The change in the bar scene since the smoking ban is pretty drastic. Cases of unsold smokes stand on the back counters. The smell is different, more sweat and lest smoke. I guess that’s better.

The main thing is the sidewalks clogged with drunkards seeking their nicotine fix. This is a real pain in the ass for the bouncers, who now have to keep an eye on the people inside and the hugely increased number of patrons outside.

Also, people seem to be behaving much worse when not indoors. Some mace or something was sprayed last night, causing everyone’s eyes to water. I never found out what the deal was. There were three big spots of puke on the ground. Crazy homeless folk are mixing with the new outdoor party. Some guy tried to sell me a drill like five times. This was a frikkin’ Tuesday. I don’t usually see that caliber of crazy reveling unless it’s a full-moon Friday.

Maybe it’s just the adjustment period or something.

Note, too, that Mayor Chavez lifted the smoking ban at the golf courses. His justification? "I’ve retracted that part of the order because that’s consenting adults away from kids where others aren’t going to be impacted," Chavez told Eyewitness News 4. "So they can smoke at the golf course."

Funny. I haven’t seen any children in the bars, either.

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