Women In Politics

Amy Dalness
2 min read
Nancy Pelosi: Trend setter.
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As the first 100-days of the first legislative session under the first female Speaker of the House comes the first hint of fashion on Capitol Hill. We’re used to seeing style commentary of the first lady (Jackie Kennedy being the most famous), but beyond that—nada.

From a feministic point of view, this is a major red flag. No one cared what a male Speaker of the House was wearing—short of arriving in the nude—why now that the speaker is female? On the other side of female pride, why not comment on Speaker of the House Pelosi’s fabulous style? Just because she’s a successful female doesn’t mean she fits into the "frumpy, man hating, girl-power crazy" category. This is why my "feminist" radar is shot—which is true? Pride in a women’s ability to be powerful
and fashionable or disgust in a influential female being reduced to fashion icon? Is America really ready for a female president, or will her election campaign become too much like vying for a crown in a beauty contest?

This is where Britain got it right. They leave the policy making to the politicians and the hand shaking, friend making and fashion-trend setting to the royal family.
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