Words Of The ’80S

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
My bike is bad .
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Remember when things were “bad” as in good? I still hear vatos saying it around here with a long “a” sound, like, “That’s baaad, eh.“ This kid in my neighborhood said it yesterday about my bike. I think he liked the basket. As a new bike commuter, it did a lot for my ego as I wobbled my way through the crosswalk. It’s also possible he was talking about something else.

Welcome to a brief pictorial essay on words of the 80s. I didn’t include “boinking” or “doing the nasty” because I didn’t think the images would be appropriate. Nor did I mention “a la modies,” “a la vegers,” or “a la ve,” though those key phrases made up 50 percent of my speech as a kid. I don’t think that was just an ’80s thing. In fact, I could start saying those again at any moment.

The dad from “Family Ties” is a total babe. NOT . ( Psych! can be used here alternately but is better when falsely offering something. Like you say to your sister, “Here have a cookie. Psych!”).

Ugh. Mitzy is such a wannabe .

Wicked board.

Keanu Reeves is bogus . Except in this role, which was a real bright spot in his otherwise non- tubular career.

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