World Without Oil

Marisa Demarco
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World Without Oil
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In honor of ascending gas prices:

It’s a game. Say the holes ran dry, and there was no more black blood to be pulled from the earth. For three months in 2007, 1,500 people did just that. They imagined the
world without oil, and posted their videos, blogs, etc. on the topic. Organizers called it a serious, alternate reality game.

Though the game is over, you can still sign up to be a
Netizan Hero and contribute to the citizen record. Continue to participate at WWO Lives, a continuing blog.

And when those gas prices get too high for your taste, look through this A-Z list of activities
you can do without oil.

Really, this website and its offshoots are expansive. Explore.

What would you do without oil?
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