Yeezus Comin’ On June 18

Kanye West’s Newest Lp Confirmed

Mark Lopez
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Yeezus cominÕ on June 18
Cover art for Kanye West’s upcoming LP, Yeezus
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Think what you will about Kanye West. Personally, I’ve always appreciated his music, but his personality always got in the way of me finding him likable. So, I just tend not to focus on him outside of his righteous rhymes. Sure, the rapper has garnered himself some controversy. (Remember that whole Taylor Swift speech interruption? Way to steal a young girl’s spotlight, K-Dubs). But music blogs are going nuts today over the announcement that West’s upcoming record, titled Yeezus , is dropping on June 18 and is already available to preorder on iTunes.

West performed two new tracks from his forthcoming LP on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, giving fans a taste of what’s to come. And Kim Kardashian posted
a photo on Instragram, which has already been confirmed to be the cover art for the album. You know … because they gotta keep it in the family (but only if it’s in front of the entire world). So, be on the lookout for what will no doubt be another interesting and thought-provoking record from one of hip-hop’s most notable figures.

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