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Albuquerque Community Partnership
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The Albuquerque Community Partnership is a collaboration between Animal Humane New Mexico and the City of Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Department. In 2014, our community achieved national recognition from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for the life-saving work both organizations perform in our community. For example, our community’s Live Release Rate (the number of animals leaving the shelters alive each year) was an amazing 85.9% in 2015! We should be proud of Albuquerque’s commitment to homeless pets. Now entering our third year, our two goals for the Partnership are to increase adoptions from our shelters and decrease owned animal surrenders.

To reach the goal of decreasing owned animal intakes, we regularly host Pet Health Fairs that provide free vaccinations and microchips to pet owners in need. We’ve been privileged to have regular participation from our veterinary partners from Aztec Animal Clinic (pictured) and VCA Wyoming Animal Hospital. The Partnership will also continue to offer spay/neuter vouchers for pet owners to further reduce pet homelessness in our community.

Last year, Partnership programming offered six Pet Health Fairs that resulted in 1,179 vaccinations and 473 microchips being administered to cherished pets at no cost to their owners. We also surpassed our goal of 600 spay/neuters by 26%. Our Partnership was recently awarded a grant for $236,740, bringing our three year total to $653,934. This is a remarkable amount for the ASPCA® to invest in our community and thousands of pets and pet owners have benefitted from their generosity.

The grant has also allowed us to create exciting, new adoption campaigns. Melissa Hubbell, the Partnership adoptions events manager, has organized these successful events that have re-homed hundreds of shelter pets.

This year, the Partnership will launch a new web series highlighting adoptable dogs and cats from both Animal Humane New Mexico and the City of Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Department. The YouTube
Imagine the PAWssibilities launched earlier this month and will feature two homeless pets per month. This series will highlight the variety of extraordinary pets at our shelters’ four locations and encourage viewers to welcome a homeless pet into their lives.

I’ve been the Partnership outreach manager for 2+ years and have been privileged to witness our diverse Partnership programming make a positive difference in Albuquerque. I personally help pet owners gain access to much needed veterinary care and spay/neuter services to work to decrease the number of owned pets entering shelters.

This year, the Partnership added a Safety Net program to offer pet owners valuable resources. ASPCA® recently published a study that found most pet owners would rather keep their pets than surrender them; thus Animal Humane and the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department will be making necessary resources more accessible so that treasured pets remain with their owners.

I also run the
Imagine the PAWssibilities web series. We welcome your support by viewing and sharing our videos that will give homeless pets a second chance. Be sure to check it out and help us go above and beyond by adopting from our community shelters.
Albuquerque Community Partnership

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