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Cbd Oil Turns Nervous Nellies Into Relaxed Rinis

Rini Grammer
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The last time we talked, I got my card renewed and received it fairly quickly (30 days!). As it happens, I moved unexpectedly, had to deal with relocating and then changing my address for the program. For those of you who aren’t aware, if you have a medicinal card and you change addresses you are required by law to inform the N.M. Department of Health within 10 days via snail mail (or you could hand deliver it to the headquarters in Santa Fe if you’re into that kinda thing) of your new address. Since my move is still brand new, I just mailed it out and as far as I’m aware it’s going smoothly.

Other than the necessary requirements of getting a new home and the process of moving, things have been going pretty well for me. I recently went on a much needed vacation and got some well deserved rest instigated by the citrus CBD oil I bought after I renewed my card at NM Brief Relief. Not unlike the average Joe, when I’m in a new, unfamiliar environment and I have a lot of stimuli—regardless of whether it’s happening in that moment or if I know I’ll have a lot happening the next day—it’s difficult to sleep. I’m not one to carry any herb or edibles on my person so I decided the next best thing was to take said CBD oil and hope no one rifled through my belongings (happy to report there was no rifling).

When I first tried CBD tinctures, I would add it to my coffee to ease my anxiety for the upcoming day and I often had trouble finding the right balance between too little CBD and too much. See, CBD doesn’t get you “high,” but it certainly is one of the
most relaxing forms of cannabis, and for finding that sweet spot between just relaxed enough and too relaxed (as in sleepy), it takes time. While it only takes a few milligrams, depending on age, body-type, etc., the dosage will inevitably vary person-to-person let alone vary within oneself in a relatively short amount of time. For example, when I first started using CBD, I could only handle about .25 milligrams before I got sleepy and now I will use up to 3 milligrams in a single dose for easing my anxiety (so I take about 4 to provoke tiredness).

The first night on vacation, I added the CBD oil to a citrusy drink and felt that melting relaxation that follows the intake of CBD products within 30 minutes. I continued the nightly use for the rest of my time there and it served me very well. Considering my recent move didn’t happen under ideal conditions (something I won’t really get into), it did cause a lot of anxiety. Luckily, I found a home very quickly. I’ve settled in nicely but I still have that nagging anxiety in the back of my mind at the end of the day. Living alone, there’s not many distractions from your thoughts so, in addition to being a sleep aide, I’ve started to use it daily to treat my nervousness.

I went on a date recently and honestly, I was very nervous beforehand because it’s been awhile since I dated (I guess I am getting into it). I took three milligrams about an hour before we were supposed to meet, and aside from my exhaustion from work, I felt no sluggishness and was able to engage in a normal(ish) and fun way without seeming jittery.

This just keeps bringing me back to why I love CBD so much. It’s a very healthy, non-inebriating alternative to THC and has a huge range of beneficial side effects like relieving pain and inflammation, reducing anxiety, alleviating depression, preventing and fighting cancer, allaying nausea, treating seizures and other neurological disorders, lowering incidence of diabetes, and more. For all medicinal patients, most dispensaries should have some form of CBD whether that’s tinctures, supplements, flower or edibles and for locals who are just interested in it I recommend taking a trip to one of the CBD stores around town.
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