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Cannabubbles Slowly Take Rini High Into The Clouds

Rini Grammer
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I’m a snack and beverage person. I love little bites of sweet little foods followed by a refreshing sip of whatever (usually water, coffee or tea) afterwards, so when I visited CG Corrigan recently, I decided to try their Cannabubbles ginger ale sativa 12 oz. soda (100mg THC/bottle, $10). After the attentive and knowledgable customer service assistant learned that I had never consumed cannabis in a liquid form before, she warned me that it was mixed with about 15ml of Everclear, and it was more fast-acting than the average (and let’s be real, average as in sugary and doughy edibles) so she heavily emphasized not taking any more than a shot when I tried it for the first time.

Not being much of a drinker these days (Thanks to my medical card, I don’t have to drink away my pain! Who would’a thunk that that could help with alcoholism, too!) I took about half a shot the first time I tried it. I’m all about feeling out boundaries. The soda smelled like what one would assume a cannabis soda would smell like (bhang-y), and had a very tangy and vaguely ginger ale taste; more herbal than anything else. I thought the drink was going to taste more like alcohol, but I didn’t taste any booze at all—so it was tasty enough, but I didn’t feel much of anything—I felt a tad rejuvenated but I chalked it up to resting while waiting for the high to set in. Discouraged, I decided to sample the sativa strain,
Alaskan Thunder F**k (THC: 12.67%, CBD 0.12%, $11) that I had gotten from the same dispensary solely because it’s a homonym for one of my favorite drag queens (Hieeee).

Originating from Alaska—as you may have been able to guess—this strain has a woody, coniferous smell and earthy taste. I definitely had more energy after I tried it, and though I was a bit dazed, I was still able to stay on task and productive enough (no two hour break to watch Maria Bamford skits) to begin organizing my home office in a sensible way and remain focused while doing it.

I went back to CG Corrigan to try their Cannabubbles ginger ale indica soda—aside from
really liking ginger ale, the drink had such a tangy kick I figured all of the varieties would taste similar—and tried it that night when my boyfriend and I had a friend over for dinner. This time, I decided to just go for two shots worth of liquid and see what happened: The come up was gentle and the high was super mellow. I didn’t even notice it until we were sitting at the table eating the delicious curry shrimp dish that my man-creature had prepared; I wasn’t twitchy or feeling anxious at all. With heady highs, I have a hard time speaking—I figure it’s because I’m very introverted and generally am pretty quiet—but I was able to hold a conversation easily and remain calm. I wasn’t sleepy like I anticipated, I just felt a little lazy (but who’s to say that that was induced by the high, maybe that’s just who I am as a person). I didn’t feel the need to smoke at all that night, the high lasted long enough for me to prepare my house for my morning, get ready for bed and then fall into a gentle, peaceful, restful slumber.

In retrospect, I did feel mellowed out after the first time I tried the Cannabubbles drink—I had originally just assumed that it was just because I had had time to relax—but after realizing the medication took effect in such a powerful (completely calming me) but mellow way (I was 100 percent cognitive and could function perfectly fine), I do think it was the drink. It was just such a smooth transition from tired to relaxed, it felt natural with each drink. On fact, I was so “normal” that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the drink was CBD-based. I highly recommend this for folks who don’t want anything too extreme but do need something that’s effective. This could be a good drink to take to work as a back up for folks who can’t just be carrying around a joint or just a alternative to a post-workday brewski.

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