Baked Goods: If You Build It, They Will Smoke

Joshua Lee
2 min read
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The widening acceptance of cannabis in our culture has really changed its shape. Case in point: When you used to talk about "handmade" smoking accessories, you were talking about pipes made from apples.

But these days, with the resurgence of hand-crafting as a kind of weekend hipster sport—along with the sudden influx of new cannabis patients in the community—it should come as no surprise that we’ve come upon a whole new era for pipe-making.

I was still plenty surprised, though. I always buy those cheap, $10 clear glass pipes, because I am boring. I never really shopped around for one, and typing “handmade pipe” into Google brought up some amazing stuff.

If you’re trying to get away from the more mundane, you could always order a “Dahlia Ceremony Bone Bamboo Totem Pipe” on Etsy—which is still running strong, apparently. Etsy is actually a pretty amazing resource for handmade pipes—including some really strange ones like the paracord pipe bracelet, which is exactly what it sounds like: a bracelet made of paracords that turns into a pipe when you unclasp it. Very classy.

(You should keep a watchful eye on those conch shell and quartz pipes you’ll see floating around on there, though. They’re way cool, but almost assuredly “handmade” in a sweatshop and resold—since identical ones can be found on eBay and Amazon from multiple sellers around the world.)

But there’s some pretty great twists on the old classics out there, too. Clay and wood pipes are coming back into style, and you can find cool custom ones all over the internet. At one point, Organtica (4001 Menaul NE) was carrying some awesome locally made clay pipes, but they were out when I went back to pick one up. Hopefully we’ll see them again.

And there’s always glass. Dragons wrapped around bong bases. Glittery fish-shaped pipes. The classic grenade. You can’t go wrong with glass.
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