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Kure Kills With Kindness

Rini Grammer
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After finding our way Downtown through the European reminiscent streets of Santa Fe, my friend and I pulled into the tiny parking lot next to KURE and bustled inside. I had heard a lot about it—good (excellent service) and bad (weird/confusing set up)—but I wanted to decide for myself if it was worth the trip to Santa Fe or not.

As I entered the suite, I was reminded of a jewelers—a bright room full of shining glass cases containing crystals and homeopathic remedies, including CBD products, for anyone to buy. I registered with the typical amount of paperwork and was assisted by two very friendly and helpful budtenders. My friend and I were then allowed entry into the dispensary. The dispensary itself also reminded me of a jewelry store—big glass cases lit up showcasing a variety of products from concentrates to edibles, which were primarily supplied by other dispensaries. On my last visit they had finally received a wide-range of goodies from their very own, newly-hired chocolatier.

I always like to smell all the strains a place offers because the nose knows, you know? My nose told me to get in on the indica strain
Night Nurse (THC: 17.3%, $11) which smelled like a gassy lavender with a citrus, earthy twist. I’ve never smelled a strain with such a strong lavender smell, so I knew I had to try it even though I usually stay away from indicas. On my next trip I decided to try their high-CBD strain Cannatonic (THC: 3.78%, CBD: 7.7%, $10) and their house-made cannabis baklava (60mg total, 20mg/square, $15).

That night I readied myself for bed, and being already exhausted after a long day I expected I would fall asleep (or at least get couch lock) right away after smoking
Night Nurse. This was not the case! I was gently lulled into a restful slumber—nothing heavy, instant or overwhelming, which is a wonderful change from the indicas I’ve consumed in the past. That, coupled with the smell transferring nearly exactly regarding taste, I was very pleased, I definitely will get it again.

A few days later, after standing on my feet all day, I was in need of some pain relief, so I loaded my Sherlock Holmes pipe with
Cannatonic. I smoked the whole bowl, which is unusual for me since I’m somehow (still) such a lightweight, and was met with some comfort. The pain in my back and knees dulled, and my mind stopped spinning. I made dinner, cleaned my house a bit and then hit the hay with some help from the Night Nurse. I did like Cannatonic, but it’s definitely not the best high CBD strain I’ve had—I prefer a nearly one to one ratio of CBD to THC so I know I’m getting the full benefits of each side of the coin.

A few days later, I was feeling anxious and high strung before heading out to a show at Sister, so I decided to try half of the baklava edible. I typically take 10mg of cannabis edibles nearly everyday so I know what it feels like and what to anticipate with this level of cannabis in my system, but I certainly wasn’t ready for this. The baklava was delicious—flaky with a sweet honey-and-rose-water-soaked crunch of ground nuts—it was difficult to not eat the whole thing in one go.

Like clockwork, an hour later as my Lyft driver was dropping me off on Central, I felt the mental switch. At first I thought that maybe it was because I was in public after eating the edible, which I do on occasion (but not too often), but then after hanging out for an hour or so I realized I had consumed more than 10mg of THC.

Anxiety took over as I walked through to the bathroom; I felt like everyone was watching me. I went and watched Cat Teeth, and as the music washed over me I felt like I was in a Scott Pilgrim comic—being blasted with angry, powerful and incredible music with some fun buzz words. It felt like a fisheye lens had been dropped over my field of vision, which gave me more opportunity to see people who I felt were staring at me. I could see my friend who was with me, even though I thought he was standing behind me, and I heard a group of agro men getting rowdy so I decided to leave. I didn’t even get to see the band I wanted to see (Come back soon, Playboy Manbaby!) I like the idea of mixing up edibles into fun things, but with a treat like that it seems unreliable—it was tasty albeit an inaccurate measurement.

The folks working over there were absolutely wonderful, and I definitely could have stayed there and chatted with them for the whole day, but they already have a regular clientele who knows that and takes advantage of it. They’re knowledgeable and friendly, not rushing or unhelpful like some other places can be. While the edibles seem inaccurate off the bat, the bud is reliable. KURE offers kindness served with a side of a crafty, can-do attitude.


220 N Guadalupe St.

Santa Fe, N.M. 87501


Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm

First-time Freebies: No

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