Baked Goods: Nectar Of The Gods

Not Baked, But Close Enough

Rini Grammer
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Anyone who knows me knows I love CBD, so to help my dear readers while staying true to myself, I decided to work on expanding my variety of CBD edibles. After checking out Reddit’s recommendations of the best edibles provided by local dispensaries, the consensus seemed to be the Verdes Foundation. I drove over to the tucked-away location looking for some solace following a very stressful visit to the mechanic’s.

As I ventured into the small, modern office space that Verdes occupies in the North Valley, I took note of a small, lovely xeriscaped garden that was just beginning to bloom. I followed an elderly couple into the office and was startled by how full it was. Rachel, the associate who helped me, was very direct and helpful in a way that I haven’t encountered at a dispensary before: She asked me what condition I had and what I needed. Typically the service people at dispensaries just explain the difference between indica and sativa rather than personalizing the service. Rachel wanted to address my needs as a patient rather than as a customer.

I explained the symptoms I experience, what I’ve found that helps me and that I was looking for an edible in particular. She walked me over to the edibles display and offered me an array of choices and, since I’m trying to stay away from sugar, I opted for the CBD tincture called Bud Nectar made with
Charlotte’s Web (THC: 16.0mg, CBD: 250mg, $34), a strain that was popularized after Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured the child Charlotte Figi in his CNN documentary series. Figi suffered from a severe and rare form of epilepsy that was made mild after consuming this particular strain of cannabis. Rachel told me the tincture was based in coconut oil so I could mix it into food or drinks easily or just have a few drops to half a dropperful directly into my mouth; like all dosages with medicinal cannabis, the amount depends on the patient.

The effects were most notable when added to coffee. While I love coffee for many reasons, it can increase my anxiety whenever I’m already in a restless state. So if I don’t have enough energy (or just need something delicious and warm in the morning) but am also anxious, I have quite the conundrum to deal with: Be awake but jumpy and anxious or be tired and useless. When I mixed it with my coffee, I got my normal caffeine high but I was still relaxed—I was able to tackle my daily work without trying to simultaneously calm myself. The product added a slight herbal musk that medical cannabis patients are familiar with, but it wasn’t actually noticeable unless my nose was in my cup.

Baked Goods:

In addition to finding a new edible for myself, I set out to find a new smokeable strain. I decided to visit Birdland for the first time since their transition to becoming a dispensary, and while the welcome initially certainly wasn’t as warm as I hoped it would be, the legendary Jay Steinberg turned it around for me. After I registered with the Ultra Health group in the waiting area, I was buzzed into the back room, took a seat and browsed the menu. After being called to the counter, I asked for Bruce Banner (THC: 17.71%, CBD: 0.08%, $14/gram) and was told by the smiling Steinberg, “A warning: It may turn you into an angry green monster,” to which I replied, “I already am!”

A night later I felt the fluttering buzz of PTSD-induced anger (not unlike Bruce Banner) so I opened the compressed bag and inhaled the dense, packed green buds. Primarily a sweet, earthy and mild peppery aroma floated into my nose as I loaded up my pipe. The taste of the smoke was mostly diesel-ish, earthy and sweet—not my favorite for flavor,
but potentially a new favorite for daily use …

I had a mild body high, but my mind was taken to a beautiful, blissful state. I was incredibly euphoric and felt dreamy. I crocheted for an hour or two which turned into a form of meditation, and I was able to work through my anger within this higher state of consciousness. Like the garden at Verdes, I, too, feel the blossoming of spring. My heart is healing, as are my mind, body and spirit—something I don’t think could happen without the help of the remarkable community of medicinal cannabis professionals like Jay Steinburg and Rachel.
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