Cannabis Manual: Cuckoo For Coconuts

Making Medicinal Marijuana Chic

Rini Grammer
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Patients know that edibles go fast at dispensaries but something that’s nearly always available—whether that’s making it yourself or buying it from a dispensary—is good ol’ cannabutter. Unfortunately, the silent (but deadly, if you know what I mean) majority of adults are lactose intolerant, though it seems no one cares to admit it to anyone, let alone themselves. It’s time to be honest with ourselves for the sake of our health and comfort of our families (and SOs and coworkers and friends and strangers) and cut back on the dairy.

Luckily for us, coconut oil is the perfect substitute, and it’s great as a cooking oil because of the high smoke point. In case you’re that weirdo who doesn’t like the taste of coconut, get a refined coconut oil to minimize the taste, and if you’re like this weirdo (hi!), get virgin oil and flavor that food up! Additionally, for any skeptics out there—coconut oil is extremely fatty which is perfect for cannabis infusion (and being soaked up into anything). Finally, if you’re allergic to coconuts, I don’t know what to tell you. Get some applesauce and go sit in a corner.

For myself, being the busy writer that I am, I don’t have the time or energy to make cannabis infused coconut oil myself so I always just grab some from Minerva in the North Valley (7103 Fourth Street NW). For those who prefer to make their own infused cooking fats, here’s how to make your own cannabis coconut oil at home. Please note that it’s recommended that you use 1-3 ounces of cannabis to 1 pound of coconut oil, depending on how potent you want it.

Cannabis Manual

Cannabis Manual

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