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Cannabis May Help Slap Back Covid-19

Gwynne Ann Unruh
3 min read
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You just might want to buy stock in cannabis. The novel coronavirus has given the cannabis industry a boost in legitimacy, as 20-plus states designated it as essential. Dispensaries across the country have seen a dramatic rise in sales as people try to deal with the anxiety and stress that the virus is causing in their lives. The lucrative US pot market—whether it be for recreational or medicinal—is booming during the pandemic. Here is the kicker: Studies and research being conducted on cannabis and its possible role in combating the deadly bronchial and lung inflammation associated with the coronavirus show the green weed just might give COVID-19 a much-needed slap in the face. That’s karmic.

While scientific researchers have rejected the idea of an injection of disinfectant, or pushing hydroxychloroquine as a miracle cure for COVID-19, they are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to stop the virus. Preliminary studies are showing cannabis could possibly be used to treat COVID-19.

Studies and research being conducted in Israel, Canada, and in Nebraska and Texas in the US are showing that active compounds in cannabis could be a potential adjunct treatment for infections from coronavirus due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The studies are focused on CBD in order to reduce the patient’s degree of physical or mental impairment that may be caused by high levels of THC.

COVID-19 can cause the immune system to break down with symptoms such as muscle pain, fever, cough and severe lung and bronchial inflammation. The virus makes breathing difficult, if not impossible, making the use of a ventilator imperative. Reducing this inflammation when treating the coronavirus is critical.

Studies have shown CBD exhibits significant bronchodilator properties, meaning it can dilate and help relax the airways, or bronchial tubes, enabling people to breathe more easily. These properties could potentially save lives. More studies are needed, but so far there are promising results. If the research proves successful, it could further legitimize the green herb as mainstream medicine.

Twelve US states have legalized cannabis and thirty-three states, including the District of Columbia, have legalized medicinal use of the drug. Many of those states, including New Mexico, are jumping on the reciprocity train passing laws to allow patients enrolled in other state’s Medicinal Cannabis Programs to buy cannabis in their state. All this begs the question; how long before the federal government legalizes cannabis use?

Those in charge are running out of reasons not to legalize cannabis. More studies and research into the medicinal uses of cannabis with the backing of the state and federal governments is needed. The tax potential income to both the state and the federal government from the sales of legalized pot could do much to repair budgets across the board. With the huge deficits the country is facing, it will probably be sooner than later. Buy stock now.
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