Cannabis Manual: Looking Out For Our Furry Friends

Cbd For Pets

Joshua Lee
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The legalization of hemp means doors could be opening for a CBD market in the near future. Currently, nearly every CBD product out there except the very few that were sourced from hemp grown in federally-approved state pilot programs is illegal. It’s doubtful that any federal agents will show up at your house to cart you off to jail for it, since they’ve mostly been taking a hands-off approach to the situation, but there have been incidents here and there of stores being warned to pull their CBD products off the shelves and destroying them. Nevertheless, the market is not only enduring, but prospering by leaps and bounds. Last year, the Brightfield Group predicted that the CBD market in America would make $22 billion by 2022.

With all of the hype around CBD products in the media, is it any wonder the craze has moved out of the health food stores and into pet shops and veterinary clinics? We treat our pets like a part of the family here in America, so adding a dietary supplement that many believe is helpful in battling pain, inflammation, seizures and anxiety to our pets’ diet seems like an obvious move.

Finding CBD products for your cat or dog is even easier than finding it for humans (which is easy enough, as it is). Most local CBD stores will carry at least a few things, and online shopping can secure a product in minutes, with vendors offering CBD-infused treats, extracts and all manner of health products.

CBD isn’t psychoactive, so it won’t make your pet high, but is it safe? Unfortunately, that question is a long way from being answered definitively. There’s been little research made regarding CBD’s effects on animals, so it wouldn’t be proper for anyone to make any specific claims.

But all mammals share a similar
endocannabinoid system, meaning cannabinoids like THC and CBD affect cats and dogs similarly to the way that they do humans. And while there is still scant formal research on the subject, the amount of anecdotal evidence that CBD can be used to treat depression, anxiety, pain and inflammation in humans is overwhelming. The American Kennel Club says based on how it affects humans, dogs might experience dry-mouth, drowsiness or lowered blood pressure.

No matter what, though, it’s important to consult with your animal’s veterinarian before you add any supplement to their diet. Remember that there is no officially recognized dosage chart concerning CBD and pets, and no one really knows if a lethal dose exists or what it would be. Bring the matter up with a professional before you do anything else.
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