Curb-Side Cannabis Cards

The Way Of The Future

Ramona Chavez
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Stressful times have hit our country and is changing our lives daily. New Mexicans are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fearful of the challenges we are faced with living in isolation. For many of us cannabis has been a life-saver.

Those who opted to wait and see how the legislation played out are left with no option but to apply for a medical marijuana card. The process seems daunting and many questions arise. Can I get my card during COVID-19? Are the clinics open to see new clients?

To answer your questions, yes! Now is the perfect time to apply for your card and clinics are open with most offering curb-side service. The process is easy. Clinics I checked are priced anywhere from $100- 160 for a new patient, depending on your diagnosis and if you have medical records.

Where do you start? Search local clinics and give them a call to set up an appointment. In my experience this took right around a week. Some clinic you will find are only running on a walk-in basis. So no waiting if you go that route, but you may pay a little more.

Once your appointment is set make sure to gather all your records. It is necessary to bring your New Mexico driver license or state ID. If they offer to send your paper work by email, just print, fill out, sign and bring with to your visit.

The hardest part of the process is having to share the sometimes painful and traumatic reasons behind needing medical attention. The doctors are aware of the sensitive nature and do not delve too deeply if they can avoid it.

On your appointment day, show up and call to let them know your are there and have all necessary paperwork with you. If the clinic is doing curb-side visits the receptionist will come out to your car and greet you. Once all signature are submitted and they have a copy of your ID the doctor will come out and say hello. After meeting you, the rest of the visit is over the phone, all while sitting in the parking lot. After the call you will be good to go and your card will be mailed in approximately 30 days.

Life is stressful and somethings should just be easy. Thankfully, the process to health and happiness will be one of the easiest things you do. Get out there New Mexicans, get your card and give back to an economy driven by cannabis sales.
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