Federal Program To Help Testing Accuracy

Joshua Lee
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The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently announced a new program to make hemp testing more accurate.

According to a
press release, the Cannabis Quality Assurance program (CannaQAP) will test participating labs on their ability to analyze hemp oil. The agency says it will use plant material in the future.

The release claims many labs that test cannabis products aren’t experienced enough to find accurate results. NIST research chemist Walter Brent Wilson said the goal of the program was to increase accuracy in the hemp industry and ensure that farmers are producing plants that conform to federal guidelines.

CannaQAP plans on sending the first round of oil samples to the labs to be tested for THC, CBD and 15 other cannabinoids. The labs will send the results back to NIST along with a description of their methods of analysis. NIST will then publish an anonymous list of the measurements obtained along with the correct results. With this system labs will be able to track their accuracy without losing anonymity.

The results should show the amount of variability found between labs.

Clint Eastwood Sues CBD Companies

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood is suing a number of CBD companies for using his name and image.

Fox News reports the film star and director has filed two lawsuits this week claiming companies are promoting a fake news story that he is leaving his career to become a CBD entrepreneur. Twenty small companies based in several states were named as defendants, including Arizona, California, Delaware and Florida.

One of those companies, Sera Labs, released a statement saying it, “worked for a limited time with a publisher and gave them specific advertisements they could use which follow our very strict guidelines and shut down the ads immediately after learning that they used Eastwood’s name and likeness.”

According to the suit, email and social media messages that promoted CBD companies were sent to users with headlines like, “Big Pharma In Outrage Over Clint Eastwood’s CBD … He Fires Back With This!” The fake stories allegedly included links to purchase products that they claimed were from a company owned by Eastwood. The articles allegedly included false quotes from Eastwood and other celebrities. One of the suits alleges that hidden tags were included in product listings that associated the director with CBD products in online search results.

Eastwood’s lawyers say he is not involved in the CBD industry in any capacity.
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