Firm Studies Thc Microdosing And Cbd Shows Promise For Mouthwash

Joshua Lee
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CBD mouthwash
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An Israeli company says that patients can receive medical benefits from cannabis without getting high.

According to The Times of Israel, clinical trials conducted by Syqe Medical show that
people can find relief from pain through THC microdosing. If true, the finding would be significant since many patients would prefer to avoid the psychotropic effects associated with the compound. These patients often substitute CBD for THC to avoid these effects, but researchers say CBD is less effective as a pain reliever.

Syqe Medical CEO Perry Davidson told reporters that, “It’s about using the smallest amount of the drug to get the highest symptom relief, lowest side-effects and best quality of life.” Davidson said that micro-doses of THC can have the same pain-relieving effects as normal doses of THC. He claimed a “minute” high is enough to produce pain relief.

Syqe Medical says it’s conducting low-dose research because it produces a programmable THC inhaler and wants to create a treatment protocol. “We’re moving, for the first time, towards being able to give physicians detailed information on the actual dose that they should be prescribing, and enabling them to be sure that the desired amount is actually reaching the patient’s body.”

CBD Mouthwash Better Than Alternatives

Health and beauty companies that are looking to cash in on the CBD boom say it shows promise as a tooth care supplement.

According to
Marijuana Moment, Belgian scientists recently discovered that CBD-infused mouthwash is as effective at fighting plaque as chlorhexidine-based mouthwash. “Most of the reported studies show chlorhexidine-containing mouthwash as the most effective mouthwash, however tooth staining is an unacceptable side effect of chlorhexidine,” the study says. “Mouthwash products with cannabinoids infusion offer a safer and effective alternative without any fluorides or alcohol.”

The study compared CBD and CBG-infused oral products made by Belgium-based health company CannIBite with chlorhexidine-based products—which are often prescription-only—and over-the-counter mouthwashes.

The study found that agar plates treated with the cannabis- and chlorhexidine-based mouthwashes tested free of bacteria, while those treated with over-the-counter mouthwash still retained some bacteria. Since chlorhexidine can leave stains on teeth, the study’s authors concluded that CBD- and CBG-infused mouthwashes were the healthiest option.

CannIBite has patents pending for cannabinoid-based dental care. It also produces cannabis-infused toothpaste and protective oral spray.
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