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Joshua Lee
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Gov. Susana Martinez illegally vetoed two bills related to hemp production and research. (The state of New Mexico)
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City Denies Ad Space to Dispensary

Ultra Health was reportedly
blocked by the city from buying wraparound bus ads. ABQ’s Transit Department rejected the ads, saying that recipients of federal transportation grants aren’t allowed to advertise for cannabis companies. City Councilor Pat Davis appears to be on the side of Ultra Health, going so far as writing a letter requesting guidance from the Federal Transit Administration. “I do not see that advertising medical cannabis (that is offered for sale pursuant to a state law) is prohibited,” he wrote.

Martinez Vetoes Declared Invalid

A judge says
Gov. Susana Martinez illegally vetoed 10 bills during this year’s legislative session, including 2 bills related to hemp production and research. Those bills will become law (for now, anyway).

Goodbye, Gummy Bears

In an effort to make cannabis products less appealing to children, Colorado has
banned edible cannabis candies shaped like animals, people or fruit. The law went into effect Oct. 1.

Legalization: Boon for Fast Food

new survey conducted by Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis found that 43 percent of legal cannabis users surveyed ate at a McDonald’s restaurant in the previous month. Those results were significantly higher than among respondents who hadn’t visited a dispensary.

Interim DEA Chief Announced

The Justice Department just
named the new acting Drug Enforcement Agency chief. Robert Patterson—former principal deputy administrator for the DEA—is officially in charge until a permanent replacement is named. Hopefully, he won’t be too unfriendly toward the plant.

Medicinal Snacking

Cannabis leaves are
very low in THCA, but are high in nutrients and make a healthy snack. For the best of both worlds, here’s a brilliant recipe for crunchy THC-infused cannabis chips.
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