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The Numbers Keep Rising

he New Mexico Department of Health announced that the number of active cannabis patients in the state as of September was 48,861.

Cannabis Producer Breaks Sales Record

Ultra Health just announced it made
over $1 million in sales for the month of September. They give the credit to the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program for “sustaining its upward momentum.” Recently, they began selling a host of sublingual and oral tablets, suppositories, pastilles and patches that are the first of their kind in New Mexico.

Cannabis Discrimination in the Workplace

One of the biggest roadblocks for cannabis users seeking employment has been the zero tolerance drug policies of hiring companies. A
recent case in Massachusetts ruled that employers in that state could not discriminate against medical cannabis patients in their hiring practices. Now, according to, the workers’ compensation industry seems to be changing its tune and rethinking its anti-cannabis stance. In a related story, CBS Chicago spoke to a man with a legal medical cannabis prescription who was denied a job at Home Depot after testing positive for THC. Home Depot subsequently told the news station that it had changed its hiring policy, and the man could get a job there after all.

Martinez Plays Tug of War With Hemp Bills

Gov. Susana Martinez is
appealing the recent court ruling which voided the 10 vetoes she handed out to bills during the legislative session earlier this year. The bills—which included measures to legalize the growth of hemp for research purposes—were made law last week.

How Cannabis Got Here

an article from that tells the historic ale of how cannabis made its way from Central Asia in 2737 BC to just about every other part of the world today.

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