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Joshua Lee
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Green For Silver

Silver City just got its very first cannabis dispensary. Ultra Health opened its doors at 2320 US-180 E last week. This will be the company’s ninth location. Before it opened, Grants county reportedly had around 500 medical cannabis patients with no places to buy medicine.

More Equal Than Others

Some New Mexican residents are upset after hearing that a former state police officer who was caught stealing cannabis and giving it to his girlfriend (while on duty, mind you) was given a
seemingly light sentence for the possible felony offense. According to police reports, former police sergeant Roshern McKinney can be seen in footage from his lapel camera stealing a bag of cannabis from a locked room in a police station before handing the bag to his girlfriend. A Cibola County judge offered McKinney a plea deal of 364 days of unsupervised probation which will subsequently disappear from his record if he avoids getting into any more trouble.

Let’s Move

Civilized just published its predictions for the
10 countries most likely to legalize cannabis next. Some of the mentions seem highly suspect to me, though. (Legalization in America next? Don’t be silly!)

Medical Cannabis for Football Players?

During last week’s Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo in Phoenix, a number of former National Football League players
advocated the use of cannabis. Four former NFL athletes—Marvin Washington, Mark Restelli, Jim McMahon and Grant Mattos—spoke in a panel on the benefits of medical cannabis for athletes in the organization. Washington told attendees that the major health problems suffered by players are concussions, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (a degenerative brain disease) and opiate addiction. He claimed cannabis is helpful in treating all of these conditions. Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox also spoke at the expo, notably spending some time criticizing President Donald Trump and telling the crowd, “We’re not building that fucking wall.

Uruguay Steps Up its Game

Uruguay is about to be the
first country to export medical cannabis products. According to a representative of the International Cannabis Corporation, the company will be producing Uruguay’s first run of medical cannabis oil for export in December. Uruguay became the first country in recent history to fully legalize cannabis in 2013. Under Uruguayan law, medical cannabis can be exported but not recreational cannabis. The company says it plans to ship the oil to Canada and Mexico.
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