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Extra! Extra!

By next Thursday, Jan. 30,
Weekly Alibi’s freshly redesigned Cannabis Manual will begin arriving at discerning newsstands near you. Newly subdivided into the overarching cannabis news coverage categories News, Culture and Wellness, Vol. 4: Issue 1 features reporting on New Mexico’s latest attempt to legalize recreational cannabis, the complexity of conflicting scientific data on correlation (or lack thereof) between cannabis and opioid abuse and overdoses and a data-rich overview of the entourage effect and its terpene/cannabinoid constituents. And that’s just for starters. In addition, expect coverage of shifting perspectives on cannabis in the world of professional sports, new research on psychedelics, local educational policy on cannabis administration at school, the psychology of curbing drug abuse among teens, how cannabis is undercutting local OTC sleep aid markets and, of course, a guide to our favorite medical cannabis strains to mediate winter’s icy grip on your psyche.

Been Caught Stealing

Cue that popcorn-munching
Thriller GIF because the moment that schadenfreude lovers had been waiting for—for at least three weeks—since Illinois legalized recreational cannabis finally arrived. On Wednesday, Jan. 23, a traveler to Chicago snagged a bag of flower from one of the cannabis amnesty boxes installed at Chicago Midway International Airport. The idea behind the amnesty boxes was to provide a safe place (both for the user and the general public) for travelers who are leaving Illinois to surrender and dispose of their stash. As reported by Chicago’s NBC affiliate, “the marijuana in question had been discovered on a traveler early Wednesday, and that person was escorted to the amnesty box where they were allowed to deposit their weed without penalty.” At present, it remains unclear whether a policy of allowing thieves to replace stolen items without any legal repercussions will effectively instill the cannabis amnesty box honor code that officials seem intent on fostering among patrons of its airport.

USGS, Wikimedia

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