Stain Corner: Eagle Scout

Edward Barrett
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Eagle Scout at Verdes Foundation
Eagle Scout
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The past few weeks have seen even further improvements to the weather here in Albuquerque. Sunny brisk days that are tepid and comfortable in the sun, yet cool and crisp in the shade are a thing of great beauty. I wanted to bask in and relish these days of refreshing sunlight, so I decided to seek out a nice daytime strain from Verdes Foundation (7301 San Antonio Dr. NE).

I asked the budtenders for some suggestions, and they directed me to a strong and high-testing strain named Eagle Scout (THC: 27.00%, CBD: 2.20%—$10.50/gram). I was a Cub Scout at one time but never made it any further than the lowly Webelos rank. Unfortunately, my local Cub Scout meetings consisted mostly of wedgies and wrestling matches between pre-pubescent boys who would rather draw each other’s blood than use a compass or make a survival plan. Once the flashbacks of farts and noogies subsided, I decided to inspect the strain further.

The stout yet moist and puffy nuggets were primarily dark-evergreen with splashes of mossy lime green. Dark orange and wood-colored patches of hair sporadically sprouted from within the small recesses and crevices of the bud. I took a deep whiff and was greeted by musky, pungent and vegetal smells. At times I was reminded of brackish or swampy water due to its muddy aroma. The high-THC percentage already had me interested, but the robust appearance and peculiar smell sold me. I bought a couple grams and hastily headed home to sample some of it.

I peeled some of the rigid yet moist chunks of flower apart and ground them into a fine powder to pack a bowl. I sparked the Eagle Scout and noticed a strong grassy taste that had slight undertones of clove. The hits were slightly acrid and harsh at times but were altogether pleasant enough. Before I even completely finished the large bowl, I felt a sudden jolt of energy and alertness that seemed to sharpen and heighten my sense of awareness. I immediately set about completing menial chores that had been brushed aside for the past few days. Benign tasks that were usually a bore to drag through had a renewed sense of purpose and urgency to them. This is quite a heady and potent strain that is not for the faint of heart, but it certainly livened things up a bit and ensured that I maintained focus and drive throughout my day.

The main terpenes present in this strain are B-Caryophyllene and Humulene, both of which can aid in the treatment of various pain, stomach and inflammation issues. On the night prior to purchasing Eagle Scout, I had indulged in a wonderfully spicy dinner. The spice was incredibly flavorful and enjoyable but ended up wreaking devastation on my innards. Luckily after smoking some of this strong strain, I noticed my indigestion began to subside. This would also be a good strain for fending off fatigue and improving overall mood and productivity. While I might not have made it to the highest rank in the Boy Scouts, smoking Eagle Scout made me feel happier, stronger and even more capable than Edward Abbey or Kit Carson.
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