Strain Corner: Arise

Edward Barrett
3 min read
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I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to stay awake and alert these past few weeks as work has piled up and overall motivation and drive has tumbled. Caffeine is temporary and makes me feel weak and queasy. And 5-hour energy makes me want to die. So, I thought I’d try a high-percentage sativa to see if it would do the trick in keeping me awake and motivated. I went over to Everest Apothecary (2201 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Ste. E) in Uptown to see if they could have the remedy I was in search of.

I pored over their selection and decided on the strain
Arise (THC: 23.990%, CBD: 0.470%–$11/gram). This was a bright, almost lime green sativa that displayed a fine array of peach and light orange hairs. The smell was herby and earthy but not overwhelmingly skunky.

I decided to have an impromptu smoke session to try it out and see if it would motivate and awaken me, as the name implied. The buds were quite compact but lightly moist at the same time and came apart like rich and velvety soil. Once a big ol’ bowl was packed and lit, I encountered a smooth and refreshing grassy taste.

I sat around for a while appreciating the mellow impact, but couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe I needed more? I waited a few more minutes, passing the time by making fun of my friend, when I realized I was a lot more talkative and boisterous than usual when smoking. This was a slow to build high, but once it did, I certainly felt jolted to a blissful state of alertness.

I felt a sense of body relaxation coupled with an energetic and social feeling. There was a light tingling in my eyes and head that was electrifying and kept me from feeling drowsy. After basking in and appreciating the warm sensation of
Arise, I felt compelled to go out and do something active. Something like hiking or painting or maybe even shark fin hunting for money, despite being morally and ethically against the over-hunting of animals myself. This was a good sensation and kept me from feeling too foggy or sleepy for the remainder of the week. I was able to stay awake through meetings and was able to get more intensive physical work done, like replacing a fence line or fending off an overly aggressive panhandler.

Arise, as its name so boldly suggests, truly does bring one to an elevated state of attentiveness and vivacity. It worked to keep me awake and it would be great for social situations or outdoor escapades. This strong sativa would be of benefit for those who suffer from depression or anxiety. Arise truly arose an awakened and euphoric sense within me and it might work for you, too.
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